Do This If You Want Tight Facial Skin

A lot of women who want to have tight face skin, they do so many things to get that. One of them is facial massage. Facial massage is very effective to improve the circulation in the face area, as well as the neck. Movement twist and upward movement can help remove wrinkles or fine lines around the face. This massage will result in the maximum if you do regularly before bed cellogica advanced wrinkle reduction . You can also try an acupressure massage on the face to relieve tension and muscle relaxation. In addition to massage, you can also use cellogica advanced wrinkle reduction to restore your skin’s youthfulness.

– Exercise regularly

Exercise is not only used to burn fat and tighten the muscles, but your skin will also be more toned naturally. Actually, all sports are good for skin tightening. However, there are some fairly recommended sports like yoga, jogging, casual bike, and facial gymnastics.

– Expand drinking water and fresh juice

Skin tightening is not enough just from the outside only. You can drink more water to optimize the formation of collagen from the body. Try in a day you can consume at least 8-10 glasses of water (mineral), more much better. If you want faster results, I suggest consuming fresh fruit juice. Some fruit with high vitamin C and E content such as guava, kiwi, strawberries, oranges, etc. proved powerful enough to increase the formation of collagen in the skin.

– Apply a healthy lifestyle

Many people who think healthy is expensive, but healthily is actually cheap, expensive is the pain. Therefore, before ill should apply a healthy lifestyle. Such as quitting smoking, regular exercise, regular sleep, increase the consumption of nutritious food, etc. In addition to good health, a healthy lifestyle will also optimize the process of rejuvenation of new skin cells from within. Read more about how to live a healthy life to get a toned skin, bright, and of course always young.