Consider these before you’re dating a doctor

Admittedly, there must be many who wish they could have a doctor’s boyfriend. Aside from being considered smart, there are not a few who are interested in medical school graduates because in fact alumni and their students are bright. However, don’t get me wrong! It’s not always that having a doctor’s girlfriend is fun, you know! Because of the proof, often you will be discharged because you are busy serving patients. Do not believe? Maybe the evidence below will make you annoyed and re-think for doctors. Meanwhile, if you’re certain in dating doctors, just visit the dating sites for medical professionals.


 1. The divided attention

Having a doctor’s girlfriend is testing your patience and loyalty! False, you will be bored waiting for the response from him and finally make you turn to the others. Be patient, ok!

2. Weekend night? It’s a Myth!

If you are going out with a doctor, don’t think about having a weekly night schedule that is certain, huh! Because often the plans that have been made together are broken and the obligation is to be a guardian.

3. Your chat is rarely answered, less the same as chat from patients

This is specifically for those of you who have doctor girlfriends who have side jobs in health applications. So, chat from patients is more often prioritized than chatting from you. Sigh, huh! But what should I do, anyway already love.

4. Patients often get in touch.

For you who often jealous with your partner, think again if you want to get a doctor. Why? Yes, ask yourself; strong do not imagine that he is holding a small patient, while you are his own girlfriend who is mistaken? Hmmm, it turns out it’s not easy to have a doctor’s boyfriend!

5. Rising popularity makes him more fond of. Just be careful!

Last, here! For those of you who are dating doctors who are already known to many people on social media, the trials are getting worse. Imagine, after all, if every time you check the medsos, you will often see comments that make the heart hot. Wait, yes! The storm must have passed, how come!