Choosing the Right Dog Treats: What to Do

When it comes to choosing the dog treats even the one available in dog gift basket package, make sure you know what to do and to avoid. The foods you feed will determine the health and wellness of your pet, right? When going to shop the certain product of dog treats, make sure you’ll do these:

Choosing between Wet, Dry, and Raw Dog Food

This may seem unimportant, but the fact is you have to make a choice. Dry dog ??food usually has the most affordable price. This type of food also provides the proteins and vegetables that your pet desperately needs. It’s just that, dry dog ??food needs to be supplemented with wet and raw dog food to provide better nutrition. Wet dog food is usually high in protein and fat ratios. These foods also contain little preservatives.

The main reason is that wet food is usually packed in cans that have been preserved in the process. Meanwhile, raw food is usually sold frozen in raw form so you may need to process it (cooking) before it is given to your beloved dog.

Replace Your Dog Food Carefully

When you want to replace old dog food with a new type, do it gradually. Mix half the portion of old food with half the new food. Give your dog time to make adjustments.

Give Different Foods to Pregnant or Breastfeeding Dogs

Dogs that are pregnant need different types of food. Basically, a pregnant female dog needs more energy during the final third of her pregnancy. That’s because your dog may need protein and carbohydrate supplements on their diet.

Breastfeeding dogs also need 8 times more energy than normal. You should give her probiotics to keep them active and lively. At the same time, proteins and carbohydrates are also needed to keep their children strong.