Causes and Ways to Overcome Blog Traffic Drop Drastically

Like a business, visitors to blog traffic sometimes go up and down. But if blog traffic drops dramatically, this is a sign that is not good and must be addressed immediately. How to deal with blog traffic that drops dramatically right is to know the cause. If you are confused in finding the cause of your blog traffic down dramatically, maybe the following common causes are one of them. One of the things you can learn from us New York SEO as one of the best SEO is that you can apply simple tips to do engine optimization independently, one of which is to learn tips from us. Changing templates that are too often turns out to have a bad impact on SEO and blog traffic especially when replacing the template is not done carefully. How to Overcome Blog Traffic Down Because Change Template is to choose a blog template that is SEO friendly and responsive, preview it before changing the template, if it is in accordance with your wishes then change the template, make sure the meta tag code like meta keyword, meta description, etc. installed in a new template and after being installed do fetch as google on Google Webmaster Tool so that Google’s spider bot can immediately crawl your blog.

Blog traffic that carries seasonal themes often drops dramatically when the topic of the blog is no longer a trend. Blogs that usually have seasonal upholders are personal blogs or news blogs. For example blogs about reality shows on TV, or blogs about elections. How To Overcome Blog Traffic That Declines Because Seasonal Themes are to choose a niche blog that is long-term or not seasonal, for example about tips or tutorial. Niche / long-term blog themes will make visitors not dependent on the season. If you still want to create a seasonal blog, then try to post more articles.

Blogs that have content that is of origin will not be liked by readers and search engines. Search engines like Google have many indicators to assess the quality or not of a content. Make quality content. The characteristics of quality content include content that is useful, easy to read and understand, unique, not the result of plagiarism (copy paste). The more bloggers who review the same topic will make the competition against the topic increase and it may just be able to shift the position of your blog in the search engine and this causes blog traffic to drop dramatically.