Buying a condo in Singapore: What should you look for?

The condo is one of the most popular living choices for people in big cities especially in Singapore. In big cities, the land is a fairly rare item. Especially in the central areas of business and city. Well before deciding to buy a condo as a dwelling, you need to know the tips. Find out what you need to see when Buying a condo in Singapore.

– Learn Developer Track Record
Learn about developer tracks. If you buy a condo, you are 100% dependent on the developer. Many cases of condo buildings are abandoned and have not happened, because the developers have problems.

– Corporate Certificate and Legality
Do not forget about the certificate and the legality of the building. You need to know and check the certificates and legality owned by the developer. Perform checks and validation to the relevant agencies. Do not forget to check also the certificate you will receive.

– Location Survey
Conduct condo location survey. Usually, people buy a condo in locations close to workplace or city center. The goal obviously saves fuel and saves travel time. So do not buy a condo just because the price is cheap. Example of location selection error, work in middle area of city A but buy condo located in city B. Every day also you have to be stuck jammed at the time of departure and work from home.

– Expand Options
Do not just rely on one condo option. Before buying a time to get around and ask about the price and value (location, facilities, other benefits). If you need a quiet residence, as far as possible away from the condo close to bars, discos, entertainment venues or executive lounges.

– Recognize Support Facilities
Always know public facilities around your residence, eg police stations, hospitals, schools, campuses, shopping malls, mini markets, office centers, bus stops, and MRT stations.

– Note the Age of Building
If you buy a used condo do not forget to ask the age of the building. Condo buildings that are too old, of course, will cost more maintenance.