Blog Walking and Social Bookmarking for SEO

There are so many SEO methods and services that you can try out there. Without the effective methods and the recommended SEO services like the SEO Singapore, you can expect that it will be hard for your website to have so many customers. Therefore, we’re going to share with you the two excellent methods to hack the growth of visitors in your website.

The first one is the Blog Walking. It is a classic way of increasing web traffic ie visiting other people’s blogs that are still in touch with our niche. Just leave a weighted comment and leave the website URL. There are many blogs that provide columns to leave website URLs, this is an opportunity that we should make the best of it.

Remember, never leave SPAM comments on other people’s blogs. In addition, because it will worsen the image of your blog/website, in the eyes of Google your website can get a penalty. Get used to reading the content first and then write the comments according to the topic of the article and not too general in giving comments.

By commenting well and leaving the URL of our blog in the column that has been provided, then you will get a backlink to your site. In addition, most likely other visitors on the blog will also visit your site when they see comments you provide.

Meanwhile, there is still one more method that is still a classic way. at first social bookmarking sites created to help netter store website address that they like to then can be opened without netter must be connected through laptop favorite.

But in its development social bookmarking sites often take advantage of search engine optimization and get referral visit.

The mechanism is simple, we can save the URL of blog/website or URL of our blog article to the social bookmarking site, which hopes other users will be interested in the news that we bookmark and tip end visit our blog/website.