Benefits of Avocado Juice For Stomach

Who does not know avocado fruit? Avocado is one of the many fruits that are very useful for the health of our bodies. Avocado has a unique fruit shape. The color of the skin is dark green and also the flesh that has the texture of butter and delicious. Avocado fruit also managed to become one of the favorite fruit to be consumed by various circles of society. If you need to buy a juicer, you can visit our website and find out masticating juicer reviews.

Medically local and international have acknowledged that avocado fruit has many benefits for gastric health. Even medical research in Japan found the fact that not only avocado fruit that can be used for traditional medicine but avocado leaf was also efficacious to serve as a bargain disease. Some diseases that can be cured with the use of avocado leaves are:

1. Liver disorders
2. Gastric acid
3. ulcer
4. Avoid the virus hepatitis

Avocados contain saturated fatty acids with fairly low levels. However, the level of calories in the avocado is quite ideal. In addition, avocados also contain four vital vitamins for the body, namely vitamins A, B complex, C, E and vitamin D. Therefore, diligently consume avocado fruit, both in the form of juice, the acid levels in your stomach to be balanced. So the chances of cure from stomach acid become big.

The question is how to treat stomach acid with avocado juice? Well, so you are not curious, just give us a technique to treat stomach acid with avocado juice, namely:

1. wash avocados with cooking water
2. grate until smooth
3. insert the fine avocado into the pan
4. Pour water into the pan
5. boiled
6. strain and consume avocado stew water regularly.

Once you know how to treat and prevent stomach acid by utilizing avocado juice, then immediately take action as a form of real control of the stomach disease.