9 Secret techniques to bring visitors to your exhibition stand

For the professional exhibition interior designers, the attractive and efficient design booth stand not only helps in advertising and marketing goods and services in the best possible way but also promises that the client’s business posts or booth user products get better sales growth rates. Below, there are 9 Secret Techniques of Stand Exhibits Which Attract Buyers. In the meantime, you can consider using the Inflatable tent for your booth as well.

1. The front of the booth is the best position to display the name/brand image/brand to be directly viewed by visitors and potential buyers who are most likely looking.

2. Requires variations of designs including panels, portable pop-ups, portable banner booths, modular stands, stands at the booth entrance to realize the proverbial “get the first impression for good”.

3. Pop up display is small for the exhibition stand, faster assembled and easily moved there and here. This stand is more effective and the cost is more affordable.

4. Large inflatable exhibition booth (not easy to install and move), but easy to recognize because it looks dynamic, interactive, classy, making it interesting to see.

5. Technical texts, colors, graphics, lighting, layout and communication channels must coalesce in one concept that enhances the branding of the products on display. A good and fun exhibition is a combination of these factors.

6. Not only about the placement of banners, text, and graphics, and messages to be delivered to visitors, exhibition booths should also highlight discounts, special products or new parts to be introduced etc. Discounts can be both fun and interesting, reinforced by changing the lighting, location or screen layout.

7. In order to leave a lasting impression on others, the stand should be designed with the customer’s mind perspective, so it concerns the heart and gets a positive reaction from the targeted visitors/prospects.

8. The selection of exhibition booths is ultimately chosen based on factors beyond design issues such as budget, size, use of features that service users have today.

9. One of the popular stand design techniques is the stand shell scheme that consists of carpeted floor space, plus lighting and block settings on the wall. Stand booths should be able to present and reinforce brand value or product identity, so it should be carefully planned.