The boilers are vital for the palm oil industry

In the palm oil mill Boiler is the heart of a palm oil mill. Where this steam boiler is the source of energy and the source of steam that will be used to process palm oil. here we will discuss a little about the steam boiler used in the palm oil mill. Meanwhile, you can go to GEMLSA and check out the high-quality boilers that you may want to buy.

Before we discuss the boilers used in palm oil mills. it’s good if we know first what the boiler is and what it functions.
Steam boilers are an energy conversion device that converts water into steam by heating and the heat needed by water for evaporation is obtained from the combustion of fuel in the steam boiler combustion chamber.

Steam (heat energy) produced by a steam boiler can be used in all equipment that requires steam in palm oil mills, especially turbines. The turbine here is a steam turbine where the generator is the steam produced from the boiler. in addition to other tool turbines in palm oil mills that require steam such as sterilizers (Tools for cooking FFB) and oil purification stations (Clarification). therefore the quality of the steam produced must be in accordance with the needs of the palm oil mill. because if it will not interfere with the processing in the palm oil mill.

Steam Boiler Fuel

So that the quality of the steam produced from the boiler is as desired/needed, it takes a certain amount of heat to evaporate the water, where the heat is obtained from burning the fuel in the boiler combustion chamber. To get perfect combustion in the kettle, several conditions are needed, namely:

Comparison of fuel usage must be appropriate (shell and fiber).

The air used must be sufficient.

The time needed for the combustion process must be sufficient.

Enough heat to start burning.

Sufficient density to propagate the flame.