5 Simple Outfit to Campus

Often spelt out too casual and ordinary in dress, maybe that’s what you feel as a girl who is relaxed and away from the word complicated in the affairs of appearance. If you just go to campus or hang out with friends, only wear T-shirts and jeans already feel comfortable. Once there should appear somewhat different to the invitation, flat shoes plain lace tops are certainly a major choice.

Sometimes women appear indifferent to the appearance, especially wearing clothes to campus, you want a not-so-complicated appearance, sometimes just wearing T-shirts and jeans is enough. But it turns out you can change the style with a simple but chic to be seen. Well, now try yuk occasionally appear fashionable to the campus with a dress that is not complicated, especially when you prepare the clothes at home.

1. Skinny Jeans with Boot Shoes
This style is very easy and not complicated, even seemingly simple but looks formal. With a black sleeveless blouse and skinny jeans. Combined with boots and duffel bags, styles like this you should imitate.

2. Sweater and jeans
For you who always rely on jeans is not a problem, wear jeans with light blue with black sweater top and white shirt. Vans shoes make your style more relaxed but polite.

3. Overall to be more stylish
Clothing this one is always the right choice because make your style chicer. By wearing overalls then black inner or if you also want to wear outwear that match with the inside is not a problem.

4. Blazer and T-shirt lines
Horizontal lines are indeed hit in the fashion world, many are happy to wear the motive because it makes the appearance to be different. Wear white T-shirts with dark blue stripes and for formal impression wearing a blazer. Wear dark skinny jeans with wedges.

5. Bomber Jacket for more cool style
Style with wearing bomber jacket is very appropriate because make your appearance look sporty but cool. Wear a plain shirt with a bomber jacket then mix with a subordinate matching with the colour of bomber jacket you wear.