3 Tips for using peripheral screens on Mac

A 13-inch MacBook Pro or perhaps a 12-inch MacBook is a laptop that is light enough and easy to carry anywhere. But this screen size may seem small enough for some types of work, can make you trouble. Call it while editing video, data input in spreadsheet app as well as some other things. This time the MakeMac team will share some tips for using a Mac computer with an additional screen. In the meantime, perhaps you also need to check out the most trusted MacBooks repair plantation near you.

3 Tips to Use Mac Computers with Additional Screen

1. Display and Connector Cable

Two important things you should have to use the additional screen are the screen itself and the connecting cable. There are no special specifications for the monitor screen that you can use on a Mac computer. Can use LCD or LED monitor in various screen sizes that you can buy. Lumrahnya the more expensive the price of the monitor. given specifications will be better – ranging from the depth of color, screen brightness or perhaps additional features such as thinner shapes and a variety of other things.

Especially for cables, make sure you see the ports on the monitor as well as those on Mac computers. Wherever possible use a cable that can directly connect both without the need for an adapter. If not, make sure you have an additional budget to buy an adapter – Mini Display VGA or some other adapter type as needed.

Take for example the LG UltraFine 5K Display product that uses the USB-C port, this monitor can be directly used on the next-generation MacBook Pro Touch Bar or iMac 2017. While the previous generation Mac computers have to use Apple Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) to Thunderbolt 2 Adapter can connect this screen to a previous generation MacBook Pro or Mac Mini for example.

2. Mirror Display or Additional

Broadly speaking, there are 2 types of reasons to use an additional screen. Whether you want to use an additional display with a different display or a mirror display – the on-screen display of the MacBook Pro will also appear on the additional screen. Just adjust this setting to your needs and habits as a user.

How to set Mirror Display? Simply connect the additional monitor screen to the port on the computer. After that go to System Preferences – Display – Arrangement and mark center for Mirror Display mode. As for the additional screen, please set the appearance as needed and the laying of the monitor with a Mac computer. Suppose it is above and below, left and right or other positions if for example, you have 2 additional monitors that are used at once.

3. Resolution settings

After determining Mirror Display or a separate screen, you can adjust the resolution of the required screen. If you use additional screen mode, your Mac computer will still appear with the resolution you use. Whereas if using Mirror Display, the screen resolution on Mac will adjust to the highest limit that can be followed by additional screen specifications. You can also lower the additional screen resolution and make it similar to a Mac computer if you want to work more comfortable aka the eye does not get tired when switching views between the 2 screens.