3 Tips for eating at all you can eat resto the smart way

Restaurants that use the all you can eat system are spreading. The menu types range from dim sum, sushi, to various pasta. The system that first appeared in Sweden is unique because you only pay once and can eat as much. However, of course, there are terms and conditions that apply. Well, so as not to lose, we have tips on eating in the all-you-can-eat restaurant that works, you know. Are you curious? Then just check out the following tips. Meanwhile, we also recommend you to check out best brunch dc.


1. Don’t empty your stomach before eating

Many think that eating in a restaurant all you can eat should be empty stomach or fasting for a few hours. In fact, this can be fatal for digestion. When the stomach is empty, digestion will shrink and eventually do not have enough capacity to eat a lot. If you don’t want to lose, eat at a restaurant like this, it’s best to keep eating according to the time. It’s just that, reduce your meal.

2. Choose the Most Expensive Food and You Like

Because you can eat it all, every menu is tried and even the dish is not liked. Apparently, this can also make you lose because you have no appetite afterward. Dining tips in this all you can eat restaurant are choosing foods that you like. Especially the most expensive dishes. This actually makes your appetite increase.

3. Take Portions Slightly

Dishes to taste are fun. Moreover, it is still served warm on the table. However, don’t be confused at the beginning when eating in a restaurant all you can eat. Take a small portion of the menu first so you can try other dishes. Start by eating a salad that is light enough and not filling. Only followed by the opening menu from cold to warm. Or also choose seafood first and then continue with warm meat. Everything in small portions, so you can enjoy dessert.